Transformation Experience

You aren’t sure how to define who you are. You find yourself being less able to handle stress. You have trouble effectively responding to people and situations. You don’t adapt well to change. You want to be a better communicator. You are looking to learn when to walk away from situations. You are ready to stop responding to life with fear and insecurity and move into passion and purpose. You are ready to redesign your soul’s interior.

You recognize that having a high emotional intelligence quotient is equally, if not more important than your IQ and you are ready to increase your proficiency.

You are interested in becoming more aware of how your emotions drive your behavior, impact the people around you, and learning how to manage those emotions – both your own and others.

You need to move out of your comfort zone and are committed to personal development as you focus on your personal and professional goals.


The Transformation Experience is a highly structured private coaching program designed for individuals who have a desire and commitment to increase their emotional intelligence. This prescriptive method is aligned specifically to your EQmosaic Profile results. We will work together to assess your current level of emotional intelligence and begin the intense work of increasing your EQ. We will identify the areas in your life where you are most vulnerable to position you for personal developmental success.

After our collaborative work you will…

  • Have a greater sense of clarity on what you value and what it means to honor those values

  • Be able to take stock of your emotions

  • Know how to identify the areas in your life to improve

  • Have a better understanding of how to positively manage the relationships in your life

  • Learn to manifest and walk in your personal-power

  • Have the insight and understanding on creating a personal script for transformation

  • and anything else you want to see manifested in your life

This option is not for those who want support around specific challenges and goals. Please see the Expansion + Elevation offerings.

I wanted to work with you on building my emotional intelligence before moving into other aspects of my life. I found that I wasn’t able to find success in the other areas until I increased my EQ and you were the catalyst that allowed me to make this change. Thank you so much.
— Denis L., Weston, FL

What makes NOW the right time to get started?

  • Tomorrow is not promised.

  • You have spent more than enough time not showing up as your highest self.

  • You deserve the same level of commitment to yourself as you give to those you love.

  • This time next year, you can see something greater for yourself.

What is Your Current EQ?

You will take the EQmosiac Profile Assessment. The social emotional intelligence profile assessment measures 26 competencies identified as critical in socially and emotionally intelligent individuals, families, teams and organizations. In addition to identifying areas of strength and areas for improvement, the instrument provides detailed descriptions of emotionally and socially intelligent behaviors when present and when lacking, as well as extensive suggestions for development. These competencies include:

  • emotional self-awareness

  • accurate self assessment

  • personal power

  • empathy

  • situational awareness

  • service orientation

  • behavioral self-control

  • integrity

  • innovation + creativity

  • initiative + bias for action

  • achievement drive

  • realistic optimism

  • resilience

  • stress management

  • personal agility

  • intentionality

  • communication

  • interpersonal effectiveness

  • powerful influencing skills

  • conflict management

  • inspirational leadership

  • catalyzing change

  • building bonds

  • teamwork + collaboration

  • coaching + mentoring

  • building trust


Not sure if you should select the Elevation + Expansion Experience or this one? Let’s chat.

Package Options


6-Month Experience

  • (12) 1-hour bi-weekly coaching engagements

  • Access to private online client portal

  • Exclusive access to me via email

  • Weekly accountability check-in

  • Default to Happy Welcome Package

  • Personalized tools and resources

  • (1) private 2-hour EQ Competency Session with Dr. LaVita (online)

  • (1) EQmosaic Profile Assessment

  • in-field feedback*


12-Month Experience

  • (24) 1-hour bi-weekly coaching engagements

  • Access to private online client portal

  • Exclusive access to me via email

  • Unlimited accountability check-ins via platform

  • Default to Happy Welcome Package

  • Your choice of Wellness Enhancement

  • Personalized tools and resources

  • (2) 2-hour private EQ Competency Session with Dr. LaVita (online)

  • (1) EQmosaic Profile Assessment

  • in-field feedback*



*available for an additional fee