I don’t doubt that I could have managed to figure the process out at some point, but LaVita’s targeted approach definitely got me there sooner than I think I could have.
— Sarai, Florida

Have you ever heard an angel’s voice guiding you through making better life choices toward self-development? No? Then you probably haven’t worked with Vee. Her voice alone can put anyone at ease and make them feel comfortable enough to be uncomfortable until the personal discovery journey is complete.
— Paul & Jannah
What’s crazy is that she helped me be the best at what I was doing at the time and then find my way to exactly what I should have been doing in life. Seriously...who does that?! LaVita is really awesome at what she does.
— Bryan, Pembroke Pines
Amazing. Amazing. Amazing!
— Phillip, Deerfield
Hands down the best training I have ever attended. She made me realize what I needed and didn’t need in my life.
— David, S. Florida

Our staff morale was at an all-time low. What she managed to do with them in just a few hours has made a remarkable difference in day to day operations. Well worth the investment. We are going to have her come back for a refresher in the very near future.
— McDougall & Co., Charleston SC
There is just something about her. It’s really hard to explain unless you’ve been in her presence or worked with her. Vee just radiates good vibes and positive energy. You can’t help but grow from the process.
— Crystal, Miramar, Florida
LaVita forced me to stop making excuses and start making a change.
— Lindsey, North Carolina

If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have waited so long to work with LaVita. Life changing experience.
— Drae, Philadelphia

I decided that I needed to make a change in the way I ran my business and interacted with my employees before I lost everything all together. Honestly, I was struggling in my personal life which affected my business. I was pretty close to losing it all. Not only did LaVita manage to help me relate better to my employees, she saved my marriage and deterioating friendships too.
— Anthony R., Texas
There is no way I would have made it through my first years of teaching without her coaching me. She was like a best friend, a parent and a therapist rolled into one.
— Britt, Ft. Lauderdale FL

Odd story here. I met LaVita some years back when she was visiting my city. Struck up a conversation over donuts and I knew she held the keys to the solution of some challenges I had been facing for over 18 years. I wish I could explain it but I can’t. We exchanged contact information and I literally sat on her email address for 2 years. I think I wasn’t ready and it was probably for the best too. When I contacted her we got straight to work. She asked me what my end goal was and we have been working together since. She led me into solving an 18 year dilemma. Man, I was in deep. But after that we just keep moving into new personal goals and challenges that I have. I LOVE having her on my side and kinda of like in my back pocket. She’s going to have to get rid of me first because I’m not going anywhere!
— Lily B., Portland, Oregon
Nope. I do NOT regret a thing. Life coach, growth coach — point is that LaVita is THE coach that I needed.
— Clarence, Sebring Florida
I have been struggling with employment for so many years I lost count. I couldn’t seem to land a job or keep one even if I got it. After assessing my emotional intelligence level and receiving coaching around the results, I landed an amazing job and was the fastest promoted employee in the company’s history. Seriously living my best life.
— Damien, Orlando

LaVita helped us learn how to express ourselves to one another and to relate better to our kids. Our house has changed for the better.
— Tamika & Derrick Jr., Virginia

LaVita has impacted my life tremendously. I couldn’t really tell you what my expectations were at the beginning but they have been exceeded. I wish I could figure out how to bring in more income so I can afford to fly her out to me at least a few times a year.
— Charlotte, Arcola, TX
Empathy wasn’t even in my vocabulary before I started working with Vee. Now I work better with my coworkers and have a much easier time in social settings.
— Nikki P., Durham NC
The level of expertise LaVita brought to our company’s advisory board was unmatched.
— MacMillan
Innovative. Resourceful and professional.
— Promethean
I started working with LaVita by phone and then we went to the virtual platform. It was serving me well, but I really wanted more. I knew that if I could sit at the table with her it would accelerate my growth x10. So I committed to making monthly trips to Florida. I have zero intentions of stopping. I am so in it.
— Philicia, Sugar Hill, Georgia
I put a level of trust in LaVita that I have yet to put in anyone else. The way she came in, analyzed the situation and completely transformed my organization was out of this world. Freaking amazing!
— Keith D., Florida
It’s a little unorthodox perhaps for a church to contract a “life coach” but it is one of the best decisions we could have made. LaVita provided leadership development and training to our staff. As church leader, I took the 360 assessment. I learned so much about myself and the way others perceived me to be. Armed with new knowledge - we quickly noticed a difference in the way we operated and the feedback from others was positive.
— Christ Believers Ministries, West Palm Beach FL
If you are an educator then you need one of LaVita’s courses on Social and Emotional Learning or Emotional Intelligence. Every ounce of information was so well presented. She is so engaging! I learned so much about the students I serve and myself in the process. I left as a better educator AND a better person.
— Sara K., Sunrise FL
Her temperament will make anyone believe that anything is possible. At first, I wasn’t so sure why I pressed ‘GO’ on life coaching but incredibly happy that I did!
— Erin-Elisa J.
It doesn’t matter why you need to work with her. Just do it!!
— Danyele, South Florida
High-key mad that I didn’t make the choice sooner.
— Mike, Boynton Beach FL