Wellness Enhancements

Wellness enhancement options include:

  • plant based package

  • earth based package

During the start of each engagement, clients will be led through (optional) mindful aromatherapy and sensory practice. Clients are encouraged to use their custom wellness enhancements independently between sessions.

Suggestions include:

  • morning

  • before bed

  • when needing to refocus

  • when strategizing

  • when needing to pull from personal power

  • before - during - after meditation

  • before prayer

  • before - during - after meetings

  • before - during studying

  • before - during test taking

  • when needing to recharge

  • before difficult conversations/encounters

  • when needing calm


If we want to function and navigate the world successfully, we need to be well.

If we want to achieve goals, we need all seven areas of health to be well maintained and balanced. If any one of these areas is diminished, the other areas suffer.

Professional coaching can help individuals effectively maintain these areas.

In addition to professional coaching, the use of carefully curated earth and plant based enhancements can assist in empowering individuals to be their best selves through a natural approach.

Wellness enhancements are available for all paid coaching services.

You may also visit our sister site VEE+CO for additional wellness resources.


plant based: aromatherapy blends are formulated based on individual client profile.

earth based: crystal, stone + mineral collections are curated based on individual client profiles.